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An Assessment Centre is a multi-faceted recruitment methodology designed to assess a group of candidates across a range of competencies.

Put simply, an Assessment Centre is a recruitment process that combines a range of activities to compare a group of people. An employer generally utilises an Assessment Centre as part of a broader bulk recruitment process because provides an opportunity to assess a candidate across a range of activities while comparing with other candidates.

It is commonly used in Graduate, Vacation and Internship Program Recruitment processes because, by nature, it provides an employer with an opportunity to compare a potential graduate against a range of similar level candidates in a group setting AND across a range of competencies.

Why do many employers use an Assessment Centre for Graduate Recruitment?

Employers use an Assessment Centre in graduate recruitment for a range of reasons. The main benefits being:

What does an

Assessment Centre training


A graduate assessment centre usually involves one or more of the following elements:

The concept of the group, pairs or individual activities is to simulate a real work environment and in some cases can be made to be industry (or discipline) specific. This gives employers the best opportunity to see you in a real, work-related situation.

It can last anywhere from a couple of hours to several days depending on the format and employer.

According to the AAGE (Australian Association of Graduate Employers), 48% of employers in 2012 used ‘Group Exercises or Interviews’* as part of their graduate recruitment process. That means that for every 2 recruitment processes you are invited to attend, you will be asked to attend some form of Assessment Centre preparation.

(*courtesy of AAGE Employer Survey 2012, Chart 5.19)

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