10 simple steps to hosting an intern with Readygrad

BY Natasha Lyubic |

If you think taking on an intern involves a long drawn-out process - think again! You could have a talented, eager young professional in your business within a couple of weeks. 

Readygrad has a network of over 5,500 host companies and our team has placed over 18,500 interns with a 95% satisfaction rate on behalf of both the host company and the interns.

We have developed a streamlined process designed to support you while you support them. 

We will help you design the internship placement.

Our internship specialists will help you to arrange everything from Worker's Compensation Insurance to the induction checklist and training schedule. If this is your first time hosting an intern we will help you identify appropriate projects and support you to effectively incorporate a vocational placement program into your business.

We fully prepare the interns.

Our interns undergo employability skills training to ensure they are well prepared for their internship. We provide workshops and one-to-one coaching to develop their communication skills, team work, initiative and understanding of Australian workplace culture. 

You are supported throughout the entire process.

Your role is to provide a safe and supportive business environment, on-the-job supervision and training, and regular feedback during the placement. You and your intern will have a dedicated placement consultant to support you throughout the entire process. 

They're ready when you are! So what are you waiting for? Find your perfect match with Readygrad.

10 simple steps to hosting an intern

 Find your perfect match with Readygrad

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