3 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Telephone Screening


So, you finally get a call from a potential employer regarding your online application. Are you prepared? Are you ready to answer their questions?

Most people apply for many jobs online and it is easy to lose track of the positions applied for and the companies you have sent your applications to.

Many companies will make an unscheduled call to an applicant to ask initial questions to see how well prepared they are and if they can handle being put on the spot. If they call someone and they don’t remember the position they applied for or any information about the company, they will most likely discount the application and move forward with someone else.

To ensure that you are ready for these types of calls, I have prepared 3 easy steps for you to follow:

1. Save The Job Advertisement and Your Application

Online job advertisements will be removed after a certain period of time. If you get a call from a company about a position and you can’t locate the description, you have nothing to reference. Always save a copy of the ad and your resume and cover letter specific to the position. This will allow you to always refer back to it throughout the screening process.

2. Know What You Have Applied For

Keep a record of all of the positions you have applied for. When a company calls you they might ask you questions such as “Why are you interested in this position?” you need to be prepared and provide specific examples as to why you are interested in that particular position. If you reply and say something like, “I don’t remember what the position was, could you remind me?” or “I’ve applied for many positions, is this the Accounts Payable one?” you will leave a negative impression on the company and miss out on the opportunity. Pre-prepare some answers to common questions and relate them to the position.

3. Do Your Research

Before applying for each position, research the company and make notes. If you receive a call from them and they ask you questions about their company and you didn’t do your research, they may think that you are unprepared and not interested in their company.

You should always be prepared. You never know when you will receive a call from a potential employer. To be on the safe side, save the job ads, know what you have applied for and do your research.


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