5 Mistakes Fresh Graduates Make When Seeking for Jobs

BY Dinisha Tellirajah |

The job market has been rather competitive and every step you take counts. Candidates who make the least mistakes often get the chance of landing a job much quicker than the ones who pay less attention to details.

Here are some common mistakes fresh graduates make when seeking for jobs: 

1. Too high expectations

Graduates usually expect their career to kick off at a very high level when it really should be about finding a job where you learn most about the role, get into the industry, and get busy and able to build network in the industry or with people of the same professional background.

A well planned journey to the top of your career can often start off with an internship placement. When they do incredibly well and impress their supervisor, many graduates realise a placement can often lead to a full time job.

2. Uncustomised or overloaded CV

Your CV is something a potential employer sees before even meeting you. Your CV is a reflection of who you are. You want it to be customised, precise and with not too much information at the same time.

A CV with too much information will get discarded because the key things a hiring manager might be looking for becomes lost in a plethora of information. Use your CV to make a strong statement about yourself, what you can bring to the company and your career goals. Use your CV as a tool to market yourself.

3. Lack of online presence

What do you see when you search for yourself online? Do your profiles look pleasant and have some professional element? Being easily noticed online makes your profile much stronger as opposed to candidates that lack an online presence.

Create a LinkedIn profile and start writing blogs in the field of your studies. That will help amp your online presence and it’ll show the interest and knowledge you have in your career. Spend more time on LinkedIn developing professional networks and lesser time on other social media which likely does not benefit your career.

4. Failure to follow up

We have all heard of the big black online hole! That is, the space between applying for jobs and hearing back from potential employers. If you don’t hear back, don’t give up. It is fine to seek acknowledgement of application after a week but be very diplomatic about it. You don’t want your future employer to deem you as a “stalker”.

If you have friends or any contact in the company you are applying for, ask them for ground rules and when it would be appropriate to follow up. If you do not hear back after a few follow ups – move on.

5. Unfamiliarity with the job market

It is strongly recommended that you learn about the job market and what employers are looking for. The following are some potential questions to ask yourself to get familiarised with the market you are most interested in:

  • What are the available positions that require my degree?
  • What is the future outlook for those positions?
  • What are the skills required for the position I’m applying for?
  • Do I need to upskill myself?
  • What is the typical salary for those positions?

Once you have answered these questions, you will start to gain a better idea of the job market and be able to better prepare for your interviews. You will be confident in communicating your career goals, your strengths and how it would be beneficial for an employer to hire you.

All the best with your job seeking and good luck in preparing. Remember, Benjamin Franklin once said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. So, you know what to do!

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