5 Ways A Business With Interns Can Prosper

BY Michael Ciantar |

During our time in the internship space, we have had the opportunity to provide thousands of Graduates with valuable Work Experience. Across a range of industries we have connected Host Companies with candidates, who have had the chance to grow and learn beyond what they thought they were capable of.

An internship can provide an incredible amount of prosperity for a student, that is a given. The question for a professional already in the industry however, is how can hosting a student benefit me and my company specifically?

We could list plenty of ways an internship could do just that, but have listed five of the key benefits below.

  1. Additional Resources Across The Business: Frequently our Host Partners will reach out to us as they are partaking in a major project, or looking to develop a case study. Often times, there are tasks related to the aforementioned that may provide a student the chance to develop and grow their knowledge of what they are studying/studied.Opening the doors to hosting an intern can not only offer an opportunity for a student to learn, but also offer relief for a business by providing tasks to a hungry, developing Graduate.
  2. Mentorship Opportunities For Team Members: All students who complete a Vocational Placement must be accompanied by a mentor throughout their internship. This does not mean the CEO would have to monitor the student, but rather they be accompanied by someone in the business with relevant industry experience. Host Companies will often offer this mentorship opportunity to a Senior Team member, to manage and work with a Junior Graduate, aiming to provide their staff with Leadership and Professional Development.
  3. Potential To Unearth New Talent: We work very closely with our Host Partners and are always seeking feedback on how a student has performed. In our last survey, we learned that 46% of Host Companies intended to offer their candidate with a position at the commencement of their internship. As Readygrad do not charge a recruitment fee post-internship, our hosts will often look at bringing in Interns with an eye on their future talent pipelines.
  4. Growing Your Brand and Raising Your Company Profile: As the business world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, senior leaders and marketing managers are always looking at ways to innovate how they increase awareness of their brand. Host organisations that we deal with will at times specifically look at bringing in interns to not only provide them with the best internship imaginable, but do it so that those future leaders will have that brand on their resume forever. The aim here is to also encourage a former intern to share their satisfaction with their mentor/host company with their friends and colleagues, leading to an improved public profile.  
  5. Contributing and Assisting with Student Pathways: In our time meeting with potential partners across Australia, there is one theme often brought up. “It was so hard for me to get into the Engineering Industry, and I want to help future Engineers any way I can”. People genuinely want to help, and providing a student with work experience in your company is perhaps one of the easiest, cost efficient and rewarding ways that an industry leader can provide just that.

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