Behind The Scenes Of The Placement Process

BY Michelle Nugara |

At Performance Education Group we offer Internship Training Programs, and the SMIPA (Accounting) and ACS (IT) Professional Year programs which include a Work Integrated Learning placement. Each student has a dedicated Placement Consultant who will guide them through this process. Here’s what goes on for students and their Placement Consultants.

When it’s time for the first meeting with your Placement Consultant, you’ll probably be feeling a lot of different things: excitement, curiosity and maybe some nerves, all of which are completely normal.

So what goes on behind the scenes in preparation for your first meeting with your Placement Consultant, and what steps are taken afterwards to ensure that you have the best possible experience?

The first step

You will receive a call from Performance Education’s Placements Administrator. This will be your first contact in the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement process. During this call you will confirm a time for the consultation meeting with your Placement Consultant and be asked to email your resume and a filled-up questionnaire to your Consultant prior to your meeting. Here are some handy tips for preparing for your placement consultation.

Once you email your resume and questionnaire to your Placement Consultant they familiarise themselves with the information you have provided and of course they look forward to meeting you!

Your Placement Consultant will be meeting with other students also. They are assigned a new group of students to work with every month. Whilst they are enjoying meeting and greeting their new students they are also working to secure WIL placements for students whom they have met previously and keeping in touch with students already in their WIL placement.    

The consultation meeting

It’s time to meet your Placement Consultant. You’re dressed professionally and eagerly waiting at reception. There will be a lot of important dates and information discussed during this meeting. It’s a good idea for you to take some notes if that helps you to be organised.

Also, your Placement Consultant will ask many questions to understand your strengths and to get to know you. They will also familiarise themselves with your goals for your WIL placement and explain the process in detail to ensure you are comfortable. Lastly, you will work together on any changes to your resume.

This is a very important meeting for Placement Consultants too. It sets the scene for the following steps of your placement process and is a great way to build a professional relationship with their students. They too have lots of information to process during this meeting as they get to know you and your goals for your WIL placement.             

After your consultation meeting

You have homework! You will complete your student profile and update your resume with the changes agreed on during the consultation meeting. Also, you will start preparing for interviews and attend an Interview Workshop. The information you have received during your consultation meeting will give you a clear view of the steps ahead and some momentum knowing that your WIL placement is just around the corner.

Now it’s time for your Placement Consultant to update all the information received about you into our system. This is done with care as this information is used to present you to appropriate WIL placements. Once your resume and student profile are received, your Placement Consultant puts time into perfecting it so you will stand out amongst other students and be selected for interviews.
When the final version is ready your Placement Consultant will start sending it to host companies with suitable placement opportunities. You will receive calls to confirm interviews and also to discuss any interview preparation and feedback, and you will continue to be presented for opportunities until you secure a WIL placement. Of course if you have any questions in the meantime your Placement Consultant is more than happy to assist you. This contact will continue during your WIL placement.    

As you can see this is an exciting time for students and Placement Consultants alike! Much preparation happens behind the scenes to make everything come together and to ensure Performance Education students have a positive experience right throughout the WIL placement process.

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