Being Accountable in the Workplace

BY Emily Nolan |

What is accountability?

Simply defined, accountability refers to the person’s ability to complete their designated work tasks and functions accurately and take responsibility of those tasks.

Why is accountability important?

Accountability is a key quality that all employers look for in their employees. The reason accountability is so important is because every employee is responsible for performing their own duties which contribute to the company’s overall success. Being accountable can also aid the development of a successful workplace culture and boost morale among employees when everyone plays their part.

How can you be accountable within the workplace?

Here are some ways:

  • Be punctual and present throughout the working day
  • Complete all tasks designated to you efficiently and to a high standard
  • Work as part of a team
  • Be motivated to complete tasks which can be completed autonomously
  • Be consistent
  • Be presentable and respectful of the company’s values

How can companies promote employee accountability?

  • Hold employees responsible: This is important as each employee must perform their own tasks efficiently in order for the business to perform as a whole.
  • Lead by example: It important for senior management and anyone in a management position to lead by example and show employees a strong work ethic.
  • Give consistent feedback. It’s important for employees to see how they are performing, and to get encouragement and set goals for areas of development.
  • Reward employees: This doesn’t need to be material rewards – rewards can be anything from verbal praise to incentive schemes.

Overall, being accountable is a very important factor for business performance, and should be something that is promoted at all levels of the business and across all skill sets.


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