Clean Up Your Social Media Act


When was the last time you uploaded an insta story, tweeted an opinion or posted a selfie on Facebook? Last week? Yesterday? An hour ago? When was the last time you stopped to think about how this social media activity could affect your chances of scoring that future #dreamjob?

In this dawn of social media, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise to learn that more and more HR Professionals are turning to the Internet to seek out additional candidate information.

Snooping around forgotten Facebook albums from nights we don't remember, angry twitter rants and even the odd MySpace profile or two. And what if they stumble upon something unfavourable? Or simply don't like the person being portrayed?

Well, that perfectly formatted resume filled to the brim with academic accolades, work experience and charity work will probably be tossed in the bin with the rest of the social media offenders.

Before you start deleting all your social accounts, we have some handy tips to help clean up your social media act!

Google yourself

There's a reason why so many celebrities do it (even though they don't admit to it). Put yourself in the role of HR and tap your name into Google to see what your social presence looks like.

Privacy please

It's important to remember if you see it, so can others who search you. If some unwanted content pops up you may want to consider opting for the highest privacy settings on your social media pages. Spend time on each of the platforms, learn about the privacy settings and alter to your personal preferences. 

Don't vanish

However, you don't want to make yourself completely invisible online. LinkedIn is an extremely useful tool for graduates and professionals seeking to increase their networks, make connections and to enhance their career prospects. Here are 5 quick ways to take your LinkedIn use from average to excellent.

Boost your professional profile

So if you're serious about getting that #dreamjob maybe it's time to spend less time on insta stories and more time on LinkedIn developing your professional online persona.


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