Find a Job You Hate!

BY Marie Robert |

“Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?”

When practicing for interviews, most candidates have no spontaneous answer to this question. Although it is important to have a realistic plan and to show your understanding of your industry, it is even more important to remain flexible, open-minded and to grab the opportunities that come to you.

Five years ago, I did not know the job I am doing today even existed and new jobs are created every day.

Above all things, working for what you are passionate about is a way to beat mediocrity and become your best self.

How to reach mediocrity...

From an early age, society taught you to follow the rules, to do as you are told and to fit in. This is excellent advice to reach mediocrity. As a follow-up, you will likely select a field of study with good career outcomes but possibly don't enjoy.

It is okay to end up with a job that isn’t your passion because true happiness does not lie in the job that you do, but in your outlook on life. However, years of experience working with students from all walks of life taught me that everyone has their strengths and passions and it is unfortunate that most people do not exploit their talents.

...and how to go the easy way

Studying something you don’t like and working in a job that isn’t fulfilling is the easy way to live your life. It might not be enjoyable, but it allows you to remain within your comfort zone, to take it easy and to pay your bills. On the other hand, working in an area that you are passionate about or where you have special talents involves work, sweat, taking risks, and often making sacrifices.

Identifying your special talents and discovering your dream job is a mission for many, which involves trying different things, fighting your fears, getting out of your comfort zone, and it is extremely time consuming. You need to apply yourself and do a lot of introspection. For these reasons, hating your current job can trigger you to finally initiate a change and work with passion. Hating what you do for a living means that you are already forced outside of your comfort zone (though for the wrong reasons), and there is nothing left to lose. This is why many success stories were built upon rock bottom.

Be unreasonable...

Greatness lies outside of your comfort zone so you will need to go and fish for it out there. Make a plan, but remember that you will need to take risks and be bold. Maybe you feel that quitting this job you hate can be the right thing to do for you, but if so make sure that you have measured the consequences and that you have a plan B to fall back on. Also remember that the people around you (such as your employer) should not suffer the consequences of your bold moves so you need to show some pride and fulfil your promises. Becoming a better version of yourself involves respecting the people around you.

...and don't forget to fail

Your journey will be filled with obstacles and you will fail on multiple occasions. This is a good thing as long as you learn from these experiences. Always remember that failure is not the opposite of success - it is part of every success. As a matter of fact, a number of impressive success stories started with an epic failure, so build up on your defeats and be sure that your persevere so you can reach the stars.

“If you have never failed, you have never lived” – Abraham Lincoln

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