Getting The Right Internship

BY Kimberley Thomas |

Would you bid over $40,000 USD for an internship opportunity with the leader of the free world? The Trump Organisation is offering a ten-week internship opportunity, the role given to the highest bidder. While an internship with the big D may not seem appealing to many young, forward thinking Australians, this offer does question the lengths graduates may go to secure a dream internship with a favourite political party, sporting team or celebrity.

Would potential skill development and workplace experience be the last thing on your mind as you polish the trophy cabinet of your hero? 

Unless your career goals are “assisting with administrative and personal family responsibilities, running physical errands, and greeting and accepting guests and clients”, I suggest you hold back on this one. I doubt the Donald’s Dominion experience would meet the requirements of a Readygrad internship, where you’ll be matched up with a reputable company who will provide you with measurable workplace skills relating to your career goals.

Readygrad interns don’t run errands. During an internship, they are encouraged to apply the skills they learned at university to projects, research and day-to-day business tasks, while improving their communication and interpersonal skills.

Although a Trumpternship would give you a lifetime of stories to tell strangers at parties, I think you could do better. Let’s raise the standards, Let’s raise the standards, get the right internship for your goals.

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