How Does a Remote Internship Compare to an In-Company Internship?

BY Julian Te |

With everything going on in the world, and the uncertainty companies are currently facing, most graduates might assume their chances of securing an internship are pretty slim. The great news is, however, this isn’t actually true, and there’s another option for getting some experience under your belt: a remote internship. 

Many graduates aren’t familiar with the idea of a remote internship, and some may be concerned that they won’t get as much from it as they would if they physically went to the company. 

In this post, we’ll look at how a remote internship compares to operating at a company in-person, as well as a few benefits of a remote option. 

 Comparing A Remote and In-Company Internship

To start, we need to examine the benefits of a traditional internship and what you stand to gain from completing one. An internship offers an array of advantages, but the most significant benefits are developing your skillset, engaging with and learning from more experienced people, building your professional network, and gaining demonstrable experience for your resume. 

First, we have skill development, and in this regard, there’s little difference between a remote and in-company internship. You’ll still have to learn how your company functions, successfully complete tasks you’re assigned, and learn lots of new things. Plus, on top of that, you’ll learn how the company has adapted to operating remotely and get to grips with the technology that makes it possible. The more digital and remote working tools you come into contact with, the more attractive you’ll be to future employers.  

Next, there’s the benefit of engaging with people you can learn from; in a remote internship, this will be done virtually, through messaging and video conferencing apps. Even though you won’t be physically in the same place, you will still be in constant communication with the person you report to and your colleagues. You’ll still get that sense of connection through interacting with people and will become an integral part of a team. You’ll also have regular contact with an assigned mentor, who will always be available to address your questions and concerns. 

Thirdly, as you’ll still be able to display your skill, competence and work ethic, you still have the opportunity to build your network. As alluded to above, the more you’re able to help your teammates and minimise their challenges, the happier they’ll be to vouch for you and become part of your growing network.

And lastly, there’s the question of how good a remote internship looks on your resume – and it’s equally as impressive as a traditional internship. After all, this is the way most people are working these days and probably into the future, so it is accepted as “normal”. That said, as your interactions with your supervisors will be digital, they’ll need to trust you to complete tasks autonomously. People will check in on you for sure (especially if they’re keen to receive updates from you!) but you’ll be largely expected to get on with it – without being watched. The ability to hold yourself accountable shows professionalism and maturity and is highly sought after by employers.

The Benefits of Being a Remote Intern 

As well as comparing favourably to an in-company internship, remote internships have a few distinct advantages.

For a start, you can join a company from anywhere in Australia! So you have a larger pool of opportunities available than physical internships. You could get an ideal placement you may have been willing to move for – only now, you don’t have to!

Similarly, operating from the comfort of your home, you won’t have to commute. You’ll save time not having to travel to and from the office, which is particularly pleasant in the evening when you’re tired or have other plans. You’ll also save money if you have had to drive or use public transport. 

In conclusion, if you’re looking for invaluable experience, a chance to boost your skills, and grow your network, a remote internship is an excellent alternative to an in-company placement. You’ll still get the opportunity to build your experience within an Australian company and immerse yourself in its culture, all while putting yourself in a better position to succeed in the future.

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