How to Gain Confidence: The Key To Success


Attending a job interview or meeting someone new can be very daunting experiences.

However, it is always important that we make a great first impression and present ourselves with confidence when doing so.

It can be hard to believe that something as small as a strong handshake or a smile can be the make-or-break when putting yourself forward in these situations, but sometimes it is these little things that can make you feel more positive and sure.

While you may not feel 100% confident, there are a number of things that you can do in order to ensure no one will realise you are secretly shaking in your boots!

1. Be prepared – by researching the organisation and practising potential interview questions, it will eliminate some of the “unknown” elements when walking into an interview.

2. Be on time – plan your journey, allow for potential delays, and arrive 15-20 minutes early to avoid any unnecessary stress. Arrive relaxed and focussed on your interview rather than the traffic!

3. Smile – whether it’s at the receptionist, the client walking out of the meeting room, or the person interviewing you. Smiling tells people you are happy and excited to be there, and hides any signs of fear and nervousness.

4. Make eye contact – let the interviewer know you are interested and listening to what they are saying.

5. Use names – once you have been introduced to the interviewer, ensure you repeat their name. This will help you remember it, and also shows that you are paying attention.

6. Listen – The only way to ensure you will answer a question properly is by listening to what is being asked. Understand the question before you answer it so you can provide an intelligent and succinct answer.

7. Think – As well as understanding the question before you answer it, you also need to think about your answer. Through your preparation you should have a few examples ready to go when asked for them – think about what would be the most appropriate and in line with the question being asked.

8. Sit up straight – Body language gives a lot away about how you are feeling. Sitting up tall with your chest out and shoulders back gives the indication that you are fearless and ready for anything.

9. Ask questions – when the time is right, ensure you take the opportunity to ask the interviewer some intelligent questions about the company and the position. This will show that you have done some research, and are truly interested in the role.

10. Be thankful – when you leave the interview, shake the interviewer's hand, smile (see step 3), make eye contact (see step 4), use their name (see step 5) and thank them for their time.

While all of these things may seem small, when you put them all together, they make a big difference!
Having confidence is not always easy and in any interview it can be extremely overwhelming. Our mentors can help you overcome those initial nerves and provide training techniques to overcome those first fears. 

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