How to Prepare for Your Interview: Preparing Yourself


Ok, so you've finally got an interview for your dream internship or job, now what next?

As someone who has interviewed hundreds of candidates over the past 8 years, across all levels, I would like to underline just how important it is to prepare for your interview. It is immediately obvious to your interviewer if you have not prepared prior to your interview. Not being prepared may come across as you not being interested enough in the role or the company.

There are two stages in preparing for an interview – Preparing Yourself and Researching the Company.

This article will look at how to prepare yourself for interview:

  • Go over your resume and come up with scenarios for different examples of situations they may ask you about.
  • Have answers prepared to the most frequently asked questions. Write them down! Some frequently asked questions include: “Tell me about yourself”, “What are your strengths?”, “What are your weaknesses?”.
  • Many interviewers favour situational interviews. You will know a situational interview when the questions begin with “tell me about a time when ….”  Have examples prepared of where you demonstrated excellent customer service, dealt with a difficult manager/co-worker, your greatest accomplishments etc. Be specific and to the point. When preparing write three bullet points to answer each point; describe the situation (where and when you were working), what happened - and the outcome.
  • Always have some questions for the interviewer prepared in advance. After  you’ve conducted your research on the company come up with some questions. These should be about something you genuinely want to find out about and gives you the opportunity to show genuine interest. Prepare two questions about the specific role and two about the company.  Write your questions down in advance and take them with you into the interview. This is your chance to ensure the company and job is a good fit for you.

Taking these steps to prepare for your interview along with researching the company will give you the best opportunity to feel more relaxed, create a great first impression, ensure the job is the right one for you and achieve interview success. 

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