How To Say Thank You


A ‘Thank you’ note sent after an interview is a professional courtesy that can give you an edge over your competitors.

It shows that you are interested in the opportunity and that you value the time of the person interviewing you.

A well written thank you note can give you an additional opportunity to make a positive impression. Send a thank you letter after your interview - It will get you noticed!

Here are a few simple tips to help you build an effective thank-you note:

  1. Make sure that you address your note to the correct person. If you cannot recall your interviewer’s name, make the effort to find out (take a business card away from the interview if you can). Alternatively you can call the company and ask for your interviewer’s details over the phone. If multiple people interviewed you, you may choose to send each person a note, or address one note to the entire office e.g. “Dear (insert company name here)”. 
  2. Thank your interviewer for their time. Express your appreciation and reference the opportunity you interviewed for by title. Be brief and to the point.     
  3. After you have thanked the interviewer for their time, reference something that was mentioned during your interview. Show your interviewer that you paid attention by mentioning something you learnt about the company during the course of your interview.
  4. Reiterate why you're the right person for the opportunity. Remind them how interested you are in the opportunity and what you can bring to the company. Do this using words and grammatically correct sentences – do not use a bullet point list of how amazing you are or mention that you desperately need the job.
  5.  Finish your note by welcoming your interviewer to contact you with any additional questions they may have. This keeps the door open for future contact, even if you're not offered a position right away.    
  6. Sign the note “Sincerely,” or “Kind Regards,” followed by your name. If you are sending your note by mail sign you name in blue or black pen only – never use red or any other coloured pen. However you choose to close your note ensure that you keep the tone formal and respectful.
  7. Ask someone to proofread your note. Proofread the letter more than once for any misspellings and make sure you correct any grammar, spelling or punctuation errors.
  8. Thank you notes should be sent within 48 hours after the interview. If you wait any longer than that, you risk the chance of the employer forgetting who you are or worse, sending the thank you after the opportunity has been filled. 

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