Ice Cream Or Internship?


Summer is about to begin and most students are now preparing for long relaxing days, no longer filled with classes, study or exams.

Many are planning days spent at the beach, soaking in the sun and watching the waves with a fresh scoop of ice cream in hand. However, there are some students with a different plan! Students that are on the hunt for that elusive work experience opportunity which promises to help move them forward in their career.

Here are some reasons why students everywhere are trading ice cream for internships this summer…

Gaining practical work experience is something that every student knows they have to obtain in order to put the theory from their University degree to good use. An internship gives students this opportunity by placing them into roles that require an academic background but only need entry level skills. By learning the basic skills that a role requires you are setting yourself up to acquire a future role that requires the basic level plus higher level skills.

Become more competitive within the job market. If you take a look around your lecture theatre or graduation ceremony, you will see how many other students are gaining the same qualification as you. Now multiply that number by all the education providers who offer the same course in Australia. This is who you are competing against for all the entry level or graduate roles available. By having some kind of related work experience (paid or unpaid) on your resume, you are differentiating yourself from your competition. Recruiters will look for qualifications and work experience first.

Show you are passionate, proactive and determined. When you have an internship on your resume, it shows that you have gone out of your way to seek work experience in your field of study. Rather than just writing that you have these attributes on your resume, because of your internship experience you will actually display that you are passionate about your field, that you are proactive about learning and that you are determined to gain practical skills.

Understand your industry or field of study by getting inside knowledge of how it actually works. When you put theory into practice you learn faster and take in more of that knowledge, due to demonstration, repetition and coaching. Having the opportunity to be a part of a real organisation and gaining knowledge of how your role contributes to the success of that organisation, enables a greater understanding of key processes, corporate culture and industry trends.

Gain a reference for your resume. At the start of your career, one of the hardest areas to fill on your resume is the referee section at the end. Who will you choose to speak highly of your skills, your personality and your ability to do a job? By having a professional reference from a company where you have worked will always rate more favourably than having a family friend or teacher as a referee. Through an internship, you will have the opportunity to meet and learn from professionals in your field. This is possibly the single most important advantage of an internship. Having someone to learn from, be mentored by and hopefully be recommended by, is extremely valuable for a student or graduate hoping to move forward in their career.

Summer is now upon us and exams are finishing up, so how will you spend your summer vacation?

Ice cream or Internship?

If you are thinking of doing an internship to enhance your career and gain practical experience, speak to one of our Placement Consultants today who will be able to discuss options with you and mentor you through the internship. 

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