Make a Big Deal Out of Your Placement


Whether you are a Professional Year (PY) student or a candidate undertaking a WIL (Work Integrated Learning) placement, it is crucial to take your WIL placement seriously and treat the entire process as if you are going for a full-time job.

1. Don’t forget the basics

If you want to soar in your career, you will need to be firmly rooted with the basics. This could mean:


  • Being punctual for all events.
  • Turning up dressed professionally.
  • Going to work with a great attitude.
  • Being polite and respectful to others.
  • Taking initiative and being proactive in your job.
  • Being active in contributing in your work team.

2. Manage your expectations

As you are embarking for an entry-level placement, it is important to have your expectations in check. Some accounting students look forward to performing specific accounting tasks like auditing. While it’s great to high aim, it is equally important to start somewhere and to get your foot in the door first, before progressing to higher-level tasks.

In addition, while we do our utmost to ensure that placement opportunities meet our standards, there might be occasions where you would are involved in non-related tasks like administration or calling clients. Do not see them as irrelevant because these are still good opportunities for you to work with your colleagues and build up your soft skills (like problem solving and attention to detail).

3. Be switched on, all the time

How you turn up determines how the day turns out. It might be tempting occasionally to “take it easy” because you are "just an intern" in the company. However, do not take your role too lightly, because the company sees the value in you and is investing their time and commitment for you to do a placement in their organisation.

Additionally, what you do in your placement sets you up for success down the road.

If a student consistently arrives late for her placement, it’s most likely she won’t be punctual in a full-time role. If a student is frequently disorganised in his placement work, it’s not surprising to see a similar trait in a permanent position. However, if a student gives his 100% and is wholehearted in what he does, he will most likely be equally success in his career endeavours down the line.

All in all, never take the placement too lightly. This is your opportunity to learn as much as you can, make some mistakes and learn along the way, build up your confidence and personal brand and cultivate your workplace relationships, even before you start pursuing a full-time job later.

Give it your all in your work integrated learning placement, and I’m sure you will do well!

In a competitive job market, Work Integrated Learning placements give graduates valuable experience and skills which set them apart from their peers. Find out more about our Professional WIL Placement (Internship) Program and Accounting and IT Professional Year programs which see outstanding employment outcomes.

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