Position Yourself For The Job With Smiles


Imagine that you are the interviewer. Who would you be more likely to offer an internship or job? Would it be easier to get along with a stoic person who seems focused only on questions and answers, or would it be easier to get along with a friendly, positive candidate who seems genuinely interested in the position?

First impressions are crucial.

Many candidates know the importance of demonstrating their relevant skills and knowledge during an interview, but many forget the simplest thing that makes a huge difference – to smile!

From the moment you walk into the company’s doors, smile! At your interview, introduce yourself with a smile. Shake the interviewer’s hand firmly and keep your eyes and attention on them. Don’t stare, but make it clear they have your full attention so you have theirs.

Smile with your eyes, believe in what you are saying and think positively. If you are confident and happy with your answers, your smile will show it.

Research shows that smiling at an interview creates a pleasant environment. Smiling makes you feel more relaxed in stressful situations and if you are confident and relaxed, your interviewer will feel confident and relaxed with you. Anxiety also works similarly - it multiplies. If you feel anxious, the interviewer might also feel anxious, or at least be able to feel your anxiousness.

Often people forget to smile because they are nervous, or in their culture of origin the workplace is considered a very serious place where smiling is not the norm. It can be a big challenge to break this habit. However, the truth is that in Australian work culture most people appreciate personal interaction and it is important to have a positive attitude, so it is important to be friendly and personable, as can be shown through a genuine smile.

You can start by practising your smile in front of the mirror, and practising interview questions with a friend. Try to answer the questions in a positive manner. By being more prepared, you will be able to relax, be more confident, and smile naturally. Your will then see how much difference smiling can make as your interviewer will likely feel more relaxed and confident about you as well. 

Set yourself up for success before meeting with one of our mentors. Remember to greet them with a smile and follow these tips to make you feel more prepared. 

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