Post Interview Feedback


As a host company for interns your interaction with our students is likely to be their first taste of corporate Australia.

At Readygrad we spend a considerable amount of time preparing and training our interns for their first interview so that they can feel confident and ready. Yet the interview process can still be a nerve wrecking time for interns and inevitably not every intern can be successful in every interview. 

Being unsuccessful in an interview can be very disappointing for an intern. Yet, it is also an incredibly valuable learning opportunity in which the intern can learn from and grow.

This is where as a host company your constructive interview feedback can help support interns in their learning and reinforce the training given by Readygrad, as well as boost your company’s reputation as a supportive and nurturing host company. 

Our specialist Internships Consultants are trained and experienced in coaching and mentoring interns as well as delivering interview feedback in a positive and constructive manner, therefore you can be sure your feedback will have a great impact in helping the intern in their early career stages.

If you are unsure on which areas to give feedback on, you can follow the below five areas and provide bullet points or just one sentence on each:

  • First Impressions: What were your first impressions of the intern? Were they smartly presented and punctual? Did they bring a copy of their resume and transcripts? Did they smile and make eye contact? How was their handshake? 
  • Communication Skills: Did the intern speak clearly and articulate their words? Did they demonstrate active listening skills? Did they understand your questions and give full answers?
  • Prior Research/Knowledge: How much did the intern know about your company? Could they explain their understanding of the company? Did they read the internship position description and have an understanding of the role? 
  • Technical Knowledge: If the internship requires an understanding of technical knowledge such as IT skills or Excel experience, how well did the intern demonstrate that they have these skills? Could they evidence self-initiated learning in this area? Could they explain what they learnt at University? 
  • Enthusiasm and Motivation: How excited was the intern for the role? Did they come across as motivated for the role and eager to join the company? Did they ask follow-up questions at the end of the interview? 

By providing just one sentence on each of the above points you will be providing valuable and insightful information to an intern which will help them improve and blossom. You will also be leaving a lasting impression to the intern which they will be thankful for. 

Want to take on an intern? It's easy! Readygrad will help match your company with a suitable intern and create a formal Intern Training Plan Agreement, and offer guidance as to how an Internship Program could best support your company. Find out how to become a host company here.

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