Prepare To Meet Your Placement Consultant


At Readygrad, we offer Internship Training Programs, as well as SMIPA (Accounting) and ACS (IT) Professional Years which include a Work Integrated Learning component. Through these programs, each student has a dedicated Placement Consultant who will guide them through the application, interview and placement process. The process starts with an initial meeting with their Placement Consultant.

About 8 weeks prior to your Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement you will have an opportunity to meet with your Placement Consultant.

They will take you through how the WIL component of your program works and answer any questions you have.

More importantly, they want to get to know you better so that they can find the right WIL placement for you, based on your individual training needs and career goals.

It’s really important for you to be prepared for the meeting so that you can make the most of it.

Here are top 3 tips on how to prepare for the meeting:

1.  Research your future career

  • What type of WIL positions are you interested in?
  • Research roles on Seek and see what types of soft skills and knowledge are required for the role. Make a list of the ones you have and the ones you don’t have, then start thinking about what you can do to improve your knowledge. This will give your Placement Consultant a better idea of what you are interested in and she/he can advise you further.

2. Educate yourself

  • Revisit your University books
  • Speak with people in your industry for advice
  • Read relevant articles. Download the LinkedIn Pulse App and choose from a list of publishers, channels and influencers that are relevant to your field so all news articles from various publishers are collected in one app for you. While you’re on the train, bus or tram, have a quick read through them. Here’s a list of recommended ones to follow:

For Publishers, follow:

IT: TechCrunch, Wired, Techonomy, UX Magazine, <re/code> or MIT Technology review

  • General career tips: Careeralism, Inc. or Forbes

For Channels, follow:

  •  Accounting: Accounting
  •  IT: Technology, Big Data or Software Engineering
  • General career tips: Your Career, Careers: Getting Started, Careers: The Next Level, Productivity, or Recruiting and Hiring

For Influencers, follow: Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) and Meg Whitman (CEO at Hewlett-Packard) and read articles that they post

  • Pick up some books from the library on MYOB, accounting practices, web development, testing etc.
  • Refresh your MYOB and Excel skills. Did you know that all Performance Education Professional Year students have access to a free MYOB and Excel online training course? Ask at Reception for details. 

3. Prepare and bring these

  • Complete the Placement Questionnaire and submit it to your Placement Consultant prior to your meeting. The Placement Administrator will send this to you when they book you in for your initial meeting. This helps your consultant learn more about you including your interests, availability etc.
  • Your resume is one of the most important components of successfully securing a WIL placement. For Professional Year students, as part of the Professional Year course you will be completing a module called Achieving Career Success. In this module your teacher will help you with preparing a professional resume. If you have not completed this module before meeting with your Placement Consultant, speak with your teacher after class to gain some additional support or attend one of our free Resume Workshops. Find out when the next workshops are in Melbourne or Sydney.

Take the time to prepare for your initial meeting with your Placement Consultant and get excited! A Work Integrated Learning experience is an important step in your future career success which could open up many opportunities for you. Also, don’t forget to arrive on time and dress professionally! 

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