Questions Not To Ask At An Interview


Every job interview you go to, as the interview draws to conclusion, the interviewer will ask  “Do you have any questions for me?”  Never say NO!

Your questions need to be prepared in advance.

This is your opportunity to impress your potential new employer with thoughtful questions and to also ensure the role is the right one for you. 

Here are some questions that you should NOT ask, and why:

What does the company do?

You should never ask this question, it shows that you haven’t researched the company before your interview and you are not aware of the company and its values. This can be seen as not being interested, laziness or irresponsibility.

Is there an annual bonus? 

At the first interview only questions related to the position should be asked, not about money/pay. Asking at this stage of the interview process is inappropriate, these discussions should be held during the negotiation period after you have been offered a position.

Do I have to work overtime?

Rather than asking this question, ask something along the lines of “What can I expect in the workplace, and what are my responsibilities?”  This will help you understand how a typical working day looks, including your daily duties.

Is there public transportation nearby?

Asking this question will seem like you haven’t done your research and can be off putting to the employer. Find out yourself!  Sometimes you may need to complete a project or attend workshops outside the office, you need to show that you are responsible and can use initiative by finding out yourself.

How long is my lunch break?

Asking this question can suggest to the employer you are more interested in eating and socialising than doing your work.

When can I take holidays?

Do not discus annual leave or holidays, unless the employer specifically asks ‘Do you have any holidays planed in the next 3-6 Months?’ Asking this question during the interview will suggest you may not be fully committed and have other priorities.

Did I get the job?

At the end of the interview, you should not ask if you have the job.  Instead ask what the next steps in the recruitment process are.  This will give you an indication of when you might hear a response from the interviewer and when is a good time to follow up.

It is very important take the time to come up with thoughtful questions for each interview – remember that each question you ask has the potential to reflect your knowledge of the company, your interest in the position and your work ethic.

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