Salary Negotiations – The Right Way


Whether you are applying for your first paid position or are up for your annual review, negotiating your salary package can be a stressful time.

Here are six points that will help you make the right decisions in what can be a confusing and competitive job market.

Do your research

Make sure you know what the company are offering before you attend and remember that most of the time there is scope to negotiate. Research salaries that are comparable to yours and learn what the current market is paying others of your skills, ability and level of experience.

Make a good impression

Do not begin the interview or annual review by launching into salary negotiations! Ensure that you build rapport first of all in order to show that you are genuinely interested in the role and the company.
Sell yourself!

Show your worth by explaining how and what you can contribute to the organisation. Talk about your skills, ability, experience and education. Show your enthusiasm and willingness to learn new skills.
Be reasonable and remember that it’s not just about the money!

Before rejecting an offer remember to take into account how this role will increase your skill set and benefit your future career. Name a reasonable figure when asked. An astronomically high salary request will jeopardise your chances of receiving a job offer.
Talk about the future

If the figure offered is less than you had hoped, ask about the possibility of salary increases in the future. Reiterate that you are willing to take on extra responsibility if it can be reflected in salary.
Be professional

Based on your research decide what the lowest possible salary package that you are able to accept is and stick to it! Do not except less. Be patient and ‘negotiate’. Don’t be afraid to discuss your research and findings with your potential employers. Always remain respectful and professional during negotiations, even if the offer is well below what you think you deserve. 

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