Setting up a remote internship is easier than you think

BY Julian Te |

The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently asked over 200 employers how they are handling their internship programs. 

The results were promising with 36% of the companies polled having moved their internship programs to a remote format. 

This comes as Google announces that they are shifting their coveted internship to an entirely online experience, as a direct result of COVID-19.

What does that mean for Google interns? Well, unfortunately, they will not get to enjoy Google’s onsite games rooms and free food but they will still be attending all the usual sessions and networking events, just from the safety of their own homes.

We suppose you will be thinking that it’s easy for a multi-billion dollar organisation like Google to transform their internship program into a remote experience. But how can smaller businesses possibly replicate this remote internship experience? Well, it is easier than you think and you wouldn’t be doing it alone. Readygrad is here to hold your hand, metaphorically of course, through the entire remote internship process. 

Supporting you at every step
Dipping into a pool of eager graduate talent, Readygrad kick-off the proceedings by finding you’re perfect internship match. Readygrad interns are willing and keen to apply their technical learning in the ‘real world’, get a better understanding of the workplace, and enhance their practical experience.  
Once this match has been found the next step is the remote onboarding process. Again Readygrad is present during this operation and will assist you in setting up the right infrastructure to support your remote internship using platforms like Teams, Slack, Skype, Zoom, etc. Many of our interns have their own equipment or alternatively, they can use yours. Whichever way, this process is fast and simple, and our team will discuss in detail what you need to do to welcome a remote intern into the team. 
While new to the remote world, we are internship veterans and therefore like to stick around even once the intern is settled in. Coordinating regular touchpoints to ensure tasks are met and stepping in with the Host and student to resolve any issues. 

As we said, you are not alone during this process. By approaching your remote internship together with Readygrad it means that you, the employer, can then go on to reap the benefits. Remote interns are a cost-effective way to get help with your daily tasks and projects, whilst providing valuable learning and experience. By supporting a remote intern today you put yourself at an advantage for attracting top talent during these challenging times.

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