A S.M.A.R.T Way To Reach Your Career Goals

BY Kimberley Thomas |

To be successful and focused on your future career, setting personal and professional goals is a great way to work towards your achievement. But, how can you determine what your goals are for them to actually be attainable?

This article will provide you with a few tips on how you professionally grow with a realistic approach. So why is setting a goal important towards your success? A goal can not only fuel ambition but also provide you with personal belief and inspiration to aim for something that you are accountable for. It gives you long-term and short-term motivation; it also can help you stay focused, organised and make the most of working towards achieving the best out of your future career.

So what are the key aspects of setting a goal? For this, we will discuss the S.M.A.R.T goal structure created by the writers of a November 1981 issue of “Management Review” which allows you to structure and track your objective.

S is for Specific: Really think about what you are aiming to achieve. Be very specific in what you want to achieve to avoid being overwhelmed.

M is for Measurable: Can you identify what it is you will see, hear or feel when you reach your goal? This step will help you concentrate on the evidence. This will enable you to revise and break down the elements that you can measure.

A is for Attainable: Think about if this goal is acceptable to you and is achievable to reach when you consider other aspects of your life such as time, costs and other priorities. Do you have the resources to be able to work towards it?

R is for Relevant: Is your goal relevant to you and what you are trying to achieve? Think about the objective behind the goal and if this goal will really accomplish that. It is great to think of where you want to be in your career and if this goal is an important step forward to help you get there.

T is for Timely: Create personal deadlines for you to work towards to be able to successfully smash your goal! Hold yourself accountable for planning your every move and moving forward with your goal in mind. Be realistic and flexible with your timeline to allow you keep your spirits up!

Using the S.M.A.R.T goal setting technique and a focused and determined attitude, you can not only motivate yourself but also have the guidance needed to attain your future dream job. More importantly you can continue to successfully develop yourself in anything you set out to do.

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