Support A Transforming Economy With Cultural Diversity Here Is How


Beginning of May the Adelaide Festival of Ideas together with the Conversation Council SA held a public forum discussion about new jobs in a transforming economy and a low carbon future. Beside the debated financial and environmental strategies, the third important pillar for a liveable future is social sustainability.

The UN has defined 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The following two goals, for example, focus on social improvements to transform our world positively:

•  Education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
•  Inequality: Reduce inequality within and among countries

What does that mean for the development of Adelaide? To build a resilient local ecosystem it is crucial to reduce inequality and culture specific barriers. Through the integration of new members of our society irrespective of background we build stronger, wider and more effective networks. These networks are the basis for mutual learning, development and growth opportunities for all.

What are you doing to diversify your professional network? From conversations with corporate partners I know that visiting industry networking events is one of the most popular instruments to build personal rapport with other professionals. Another way to extend the business network is by connecting with international graduates by hosting them in your company for a Work Integrated Learning placement.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Why hosting an intern helps you and South Australia grow discussing numerous micro and macro-economic benefits of cultural diversity in your business.

Many South Australian companies have made positive experiences with interns since then. Over a 12 week period their team connects with the latest highly qualified talent pool, grow their multicultural network and their staff has a first mentoring opportunity which accelerates their personal development as well.

If you want to help transform Adelaide or your city for a liveable future, how about hosting a student for a Work Integrated Learning internship placement too?

Interested in hosting an intern? It’s easy and extremely rewarding for both the company and the intern. Meet some of our eager young professionals at the beginning of their career journey – equipped with technical knowledge, brimming with new ideas and enthusiastic about their first ‘big break’. 

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