5 Quick Ways to Take Your LinkedIn Use from Average to Excellent


Here at Readygrad, one of our first recommendations to graduate jobseekers is to make sure their LinkedIn profile is active, updated and professional. However this is only the first step. New graduates can do much to utilise the potential of LinkedIn to help establish their professional career here in Australia. Here are five quick ways to take your LinkedIn use from average to excellent.

1. Join and participate in groups

With over 1 million groups on LinkedIn there really is a group for everyone. Identify which groups are useful for your professional development and join and participate in them. For inspiration check out the profiles of people you aspire to (for example senior managers in companies you would like to work for) and see what groups they are part of. Remember to always be courteous, professional and not too vocal in groups though!

2. Reach out to important contacts

LinkedIn is an incredible tool for connecting with important contacts. The trick is to maintain the correct etiquette whilst doing so. As a rule every invitation to connect should be personalised with a reason why you would like to connect. You can use groups, alumni, current jobs and internships to identify new contacts. Our experience has shown that if you make a meaningful request to connect with a professional it will be accepted. Just sending generic requests with no personalisation or thought is simply not good enough.

3. Utilise LinkedIn’s online database 

LinkedIn holds a database of over 260 million people giving you a first-hand opportunity to view the career ladders and personal achievements of people you aspire to. For example if you are an entry level accounting student, aiming to be a Financial Controller in ten years, I would recommend looking at the profile of Financial Controllers -Where did they start their career? What companies did they work for? What groups do they belong to? What professional qualifications do they have? Use this great resource to help you start mapping your career.

4. Read your recommended articles

Every day LinkedIn will bring up recommended articles for you based on your personal tastes, education, career information and what groups you belong to. Take time to read these articles and start learning more about your chosen industry. There is nothing more interesting than a candidate who comes to an interview who is well read and interested in their profession. Use LinkedIn to continue your professional education after you have graduated.

5. Use LinkedIn to connect to recruiters

The best way to connect with a recruiter is through a mutual recommendation. Use your network to see which recruiters your connections are linked with and ask for an introduction to them. You can also reach out to recruiters by sending a personalised invite. For example when connecting with a recruiter you should explain how you have come to know about them, why you would like to connect with them and why you have chosen them as an ideal recruiter to connect with.  Follow this up with an email and stay in contact regularly.

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