Take your video interviewing game to the next level

BY Julian Te |

Did you know Skype was invented a whole 17 years ago? 

Little wonder video interviews have become standard practise within the hiring process. Not only do video interviews save time and money, they allow hiring managers to quickly differentiate candidates and interview more people in a shorter amount of time.

Oh and there’s that other added benefit of the fact that they can be carried out remotely.

You’re probably familiar with the basics of taking part in a video interview right? Find a quiet place, turn your mic on…

But with more and more employers introducing video interviews within their hiring processes, more and more job seekers are also learning the basics. Therefore, if you want to stand out against the competition it’s time to take your video interviewing game to the next level.   

Master the digital handshake 

The new secret to acing your skype interview is the digital handshake. A substitute for the “standard” version, this virtual greeting shows that you’re friendly, professional and ready to get started. To give your interviewer a digital handshake just follows these three simple steps: 

  1. Look at the camera
  2. Lean slightly forward, shoulders & eyes focused ahead
  3. Nod your head in a slow, confident, deliberate gesture without breaking eye contact

Set the scene 

People hear what they see. Therefore, whatever your interviewer sees in the camera shot will be instantly evaluated. A good way to approach this is by creating a mini studio in your home. Find a quiet corner, with a natural backdrop and good lighting. This will not only ensure that you look professional but will mean that focus is on you and only you. 

Be Prepared  

Video interviews are no different to face-to-face interviews in this respect however, it’s just a matter of going about things a bit differently. Log in 10 minutes early to ensure that you are calm and centred when the interview begins. Have your resume beside you alongside job description and any speaking points that you will want to cover. The idea is not to read off these like a script but having them handy will take the stress off.

Now that you are all set up to ace your video interview all you need to remember now is to smile…camera…action!

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