Think like a Marketer


No matter how good a business’s product or service is, without any marketing efforts chances are the company will fail.

So how does this marketing lesson apply to you? Well with the job market becoming increasingly populated by the day it might be worth your while to think like a marketer when looking for a job.

Your personal brand
Apple, Google, McDonald's, Nike – what do all these successful businesses have in common? Unique and instantly recognisable brands.
Personal branding is a proactive way of controlling your career development and how you are perceived in the market. The most important step in the process of creating your personal brand is outlining your unique value proposition which includes the skills, experience and personal attributes that set you apart from the competition.
Manage your online presence 
Now that you are in the mindset of thinking like a brand, it’s time to turn your attention to your audience e.g. potential employers, recruiters & hiring managers. Your online presence provides a perfect platform to connect with these audiences and therefore you want to ensure that you are promoting yourself in a positive light. Yes, your online presence isn’t just about having a LinkedIn account, but rather about how all your social media accounts contribute to the big picture of who you are. So if you fear that you might have some dodgy Facebook photos lurking about we recommend you follow our top tips for cleaning up your social media act.
Dress to impress
Be it a job interview, networking event or internship you always want to dress to make the best first impression. Professional dressing can be tricky, while you want to get your personality and sense of style across you also want to dress in a manner that says “I mean business”. Our top tip? It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, which can come across as disrespectful and untidy.
Target Market
Remember we have our marketing hats on. What do marketers do when they want to sell to a target group of customers? They direct their marketing towards them of course.
Your job hunt should be no different, we all have a list of desired companies that we would like to work for. Can’t find a job listing for your ideal company? Be proactive and send your CV to their HR department you never know what can happen.
Fish where the fish are
We’re sure that you do plenty of social networking, but it’s time to give those thumbs a rest and start reeling in some professional contacts. This will enable you to gain invaluable knowledge and insight into what is happening in your particular industry while increasing your brand awareness. Who knows you might even get some job bites. If you are a networking novice, check out our tips and tricks get you started.
Evidently, marketing yourself to potential employers isn’t the easiest of processes but with the right mindset, skills and tools you too could create a successful brand.

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