Three Reasons to Undertake an Internship with a Start-Up

BY Maud Fiasson |

If you’re looking for an internship, chances are you might be focusing on joining large and established organizations, as you’ve been told that they’d be the best stepping stone for your future. Well… You might want to broaden your search to start-ups, especially when you’re first making your entrance into the workforce. Here are some of the main advantages of working in a start-up: 

Get involved with your internship

In a start-up, collaboration is key and every team member is critical – including interns. Your opinion matters and fresh eyes are always welcome! As a result, you will get the chance to directly contribute to the team and to be involved in meaningful projects. You might even get the chance to work directly with the founders/owners of the company and to be exposed to strategic decision-making and high-level discussions. Use these opportunities to build your professional network. 

Start-up internships accelerate your growth

Undertaking an internship in a start-up will allow you to get on the job faster than in a big company. As roles tend to be less structured, you will develop versatile work skills, gain exposure to various aspects of the business and, if you perform well, you might even be given more responsibilities. 

Start-up internships help you launch your career

Start-ups are eager to invest in young talents they could keep on board once the internship placement is over. Many of the interns we’ve placed have been offered a job by their host companies! It’s therefore important that you take every opportunity to make a long lasting and positive impact. And if you had proven yourself but your host company couldn’t offer you a job, no doubt that they will provide you with a powerful tool for your job hunt: a letter of recommendation! 

Undertaking an internship in a start-up will demonstrate your versatility, motivation and entrepreneurial spirit. It’s only up to you to then put it forward to recruiters and prospective employers. Be assured that they will value real-world experience, skills and responsibilities acquired in a start-up over a big brand name on your resume. 

Start-ups changed the employability landscape. Be a part of it! 

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