Tips To Stay Organised And Focussed


Organisation, time management, ability to work with competing priorities – these are skills most of us have on our resumes, but do we actually possess them? How can we ensure that we are staying on top of all our tasks at work so that everything gets done on time?

Sometimes it is easy to let things pile up and put off certain tasks until the last minute, which can leave you with an overwhelming amount of work to do all at once. While it may seem obvious, a great way to avoid this is to make sure you stay as organised as possible.

There are many ways to stay organised, and different things work for different people, but here are a few tips that might help you.

Use your Outlook calendar

A calendar is the best way to set aside certain times for certain tasks. Block out time each morning to check your emails, make sure all of your meetings are scheduled, and even block out your lunch break. This way you can visibly see what time you have available to take on additional tasks or finish off projects. It is a great idea to share your calendar with your colleagues, so they are aware when you are available for meetings or other events.

Write a ‘To-Do’ list

Daily, weekly and even monthly ‘to-do’ lists can be really useful in determining exactly what needs to be completed and when. It is a great way to get a visual of what you have and have not finished, and whether or not you have the capability of taking on additional work. Check each item off as you go, and update the lists as new tasks come about.

Don’t procrastinate

If a task comes along which seems daunting or isn’t something you necessarily want to do, try not to put it off until the last minute. If your schedule allows, get these tasks done early in the day – this way, your mind is still fresh, and if it ends up taking longer than first anticipated, you won’t be stuck back at work trying to finish it off while everyone else has gone home for the day.

Keep a tidy workspace

When your physical environment is tidy and clear, it is much easier to have a clear mind and stay focussed. Try to ensure that all of your paperwork is filed appropriately so that you can access it easily. Throw out anything that you no longer need or use. The same applies to your computer files and emails – ensure that these are all filed neatly, and archive anything that you don’t need anymore.  

Once you have mastered the art of being organised and staying on top of all of your tasks, your days will run much more smoothly and efficiently. You will find that you have more time to put your hand up for additional work or projects, which will definitely benefit you in the long run when it comes to career progression. 
We know it can be difficult staying on top of your list of to dos and tasks. By prioritising your time, you can learn and work at the same time with the Work Integrated Learning Program and keep you balancing all those eggs at one time with help of our friendly mentors. 

Written by Placement Consultant, Stephanie Ellul

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