Top Apps To Download While Job Seeking


Are you looking for a job?

Instead of looking at Facebook, Weibo or Twitter, why not use your downtime to get organised and prepared for interviews?

Set up a “careers” folder on your phone and download these great apps to help you with your job search while you’re on the move. 


•    Keep up to date on what’s happening in your industry
•    Read some inspirational articles you can refer to in your interviews
•    Get involved. Raise your online profile by liking, sharing and commenting on articles of interest
•    Have a look at the jobs section which will automatically suggest jobs based on your location and level of experience.


•    Download some great audio books to help with your career
•    Take a look at our article on Top 5 Books Every New Graduate Should Read

Business Card Reader

•    Never lose an important business card again. Scan each card into your app.


•    Keep up to date on networking events and seminars in your industry
•    Book tickets via the app (many events are free)
•    Use the app to check-in when you arrive at the event

TripGo (Melbourne)

•    This app integrates all modes of public transport to help you get from A to B
•    Never be late to another interview!

Nextthere (Sydney)

•    Receive alerts for any traffic disruptions
•    Track when your train or bus is arriving

•    Separate work and home task lists
•    Manage your schedule in this easy-to-use calendar


•    Watch inspiring talks while on the train
These apps are great for helping you get organised and inspired. Except Business Card Reader, the other apps are all free. 

Apps are just one way of preparing you for an interview. You can also speak to our mentors who will be able to help you prepare for your industry placements.

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