Top Questions To Ask At Your Interview


Whilst attending an interview for a job or an internship you have a perfect opportunity right at the end of your interview to impress your interviewers and show them how enthusiastic and motivated you are for this role.


Most interviews finish with the interviewer asking if you have any questions – this is really your chance to shine and demonstrate your skills.


Make sure you always have at least 6-8 possible questions prepared so that you can ask 2 or 3 easily at the end of the interview. Remember not to ask any questions which have already been covered in your interview.


Here are six questions you can use at the end of your next interview.


1. What are the ideal attributes you are looking for in the successful candidate?


This question demonstrates that you are eager to understand how an employee/intern could be successful in this organisation. It will enable the interviewer to clearly list the skills and attributes they are looking for and what they view as important.


2. What do you like most about working in this company?


This is a great question as it offers the interviewer time to talk and explain about why they are passionate about working for the company. This question demonstrates that you are keen to find out more about the interviewer and the company.


3. Why does your company like having interns as part of the team here?


If you are an intern, this is a great question to ask because it encourages the interviewer to explain why they value interns and why they like having them as part of the team. This question shows that you are interested in how the intern positon fits into the wider team within the company.


Alternatively if you are interviewing for a paid position, you can ask how your role will fit into and support the team.


4. Can you describe the company's culture to me?


This is a standard question but also one which can give you more insight into the company and how they operate. It again allows the interviewer to describe in their own words what the company is like and why it is a good place to intern or work at.


5. Ask a question relating to a recent development within the company.


This question should be related to the company and the research you would have prepared before the interview. One of the best I have heard an intern ask was, "I can see from my research that you have recently switched from Oracle to SAP – what was the reasoning behind this switch and how is the team finding the implementation of SAP?"


Asking a thoughtful question like this will work favourably for you in a number of ways. Firstly, it shows that you have completed extensive research about the company. Secondly, it shows that you understand and appreciate how business decisions can impact the team. Finally, you will stand out from other candidates who more than likely would not have thought to ask such a detailed question.


6. What are the next steps in the interview process?


It is important that your interviewer leave the interview with a clear view in their head that you are keen on the opportunity. Instead of asking if you have been successful, you should finish by thanking the interviewer for their time, re-iterating that you are keen and excited about the opportunity and asking them what the next stage of the interview process will be.


Good luck with your next interview and be sure to incorporate some of these ideas into questions you ask at the end of the interview.

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