Top Reasons for Hosting Interns

BY Helena Fattouh |

For an eager, hard-working student, a professional internship with a host company provides insight to an industry and allows them to experience day-to-day activities in a workplace. Not only do student’s benefit from a professional internship, but employers who take a genuine interest in hosting at intern can gain some real benefits too!

Both domestic and international talent acquisition markets can be an extremely competitive environment. One way for sifting through this talent pool with first-hand exposure to an individual’s professional ability, is to provide a professional internship for young talent while they are still studying. 

Successful internships involve a structured program that sets fair expectations for the professional benefit of both intern and employer.

Testing possible future employees 
One of the main reasons for offering an internship opportunity to a student can be to test out their skill set ability, and to see if the individual would be a good cultural fit for both the immediate team and company culture. 
For a student, this is a great opportunity to experience different lines of work to see which one they could potentially find suitable for their future career. It also creates the opportunity for them to make important industry contacts.

Create brand awareness 
It's important for companies to consider long-term benefits of offering internship programs. A successful internship program can potentially create an excellent word-of-mouth marketing source to build corporate reputation by turning interns into student ambassadors once their internships have ended.

Bringing fresh perspectives
For an employer, gaining fresh perspectives from anyone outside the industry or team can often bring great inspiration or opportunity for improvement. Creating a successful internship program can do exactly this by opening up an opportunity for new perspectives on your business, strategies, and plans. To make the most of these potential benefits, it is important to include interns in brainstorming sessions and encourage them to contribute to meetings’ discussions.

Internal employee development
Being a mentor can be both personally and professionally fulfilling to an employee, in particular if the individual is ready and looking to move to the next step in their career to a management position. For a company, this provides development opportunity for their employees whilst also giving the intern the opportunity to learn with a keen and involved manager. 


Author: Helena Fattouh - Host Partnerships - Readygrad.

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