What is Your Phone Etiquette Saying to Recruiters?


As a job seeker, it’s important to follow some crucial phone etiquette rules when speaking to or leaving a message for a hiring manager or recruiter. A phone call could be one of the first interactions you have with a hiring manager or recruiter, which means they will be forming their first impression of you. This impression could determine whether you are selected for an interview or not.

  1. Ensure that you sound professional and ready to speak to the hiring manager/recruiter. You must also be prepared to leave a clear and concise message with key details. Remember even a voice message is a reflection of your professionalism.
  2. If you leave a message, always leave your name and number twice, with your name at beginning and end of message and number twice at end of message (repeated back to them).
  3. Leave the message slowly and clearly so they can take notes without having to replay the message
  4. Let them choose when to call you back by stating in the message “please give me a call at your earliest convenience” or “I look forward to hearing from you”
  5. If you do speak to someone, always begin with a concise introduction and make sure that it is an appropriate time to speak. Eg, “Hi this is Kevin Chun calling about the accounting placement advertised on LinkedIn. Do you have capacity to speak at present?”
  6. If you do speak to someone, ensure that you listen out for action points. If they feel it’s a face-to-face discussion, you should be open to scheduling in a meeting. If they are going to email you more information, ensure you check your inbox in a timely manner and respond within 24 hours. Please do not randomly turn up to the office or reception without an agreed upon appointment time as this is not professional business behaviour and will make the recruiter/hiring manager feel harassed.
  7. Do not bug recruiters constantly because if they need someone with your skills, they will call you. They might not have an opening right away that fits your qualifications, but if they do, they will contact you.

Prior to that, only apply to the openings for which you are qualified. If they get a one size fits all application, chances are you will fail to progress to the next stage of the recruitment process. Further, follow the job posting directions and make sure you do what they tell you to do if you want to apply to their job. They implement rules for a reason.

Want more tips on how to ace a telephone interview? Find out how to prepare yourself for telephone screening.

Ultimately, your phone etiquette is a reflection of your professionalism – follow the above tips to ensure you are favoured by recruiters and hiring managers. Good luck!

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