When and How to Follow Up After an Interview

BY Dinisha Tellirajah |

Now that you have attended an interview, the waiting game begins. You have given your best shot during the interview but you’re unsure on how to follow up. Here are a few tips on following up after an interview.

First step – thank you email

A short polite thank you note via email, preferably within 24 hours after an interview, would be the best way to have a potential employer remember you. It helps a candidate show their enthusiasm and interest in the role as well as share any additional information that they may have forgotten to share during the interview.

This is an interview follow up email format you can follow, and here is a sample:

Hi (First Name),

Thank you for taking the time to interview me today. It was a pleasure to meet you and learn more about (company name) and your approach towards the (industry). I am very excited about the opportunity and look forward to a potential career with the (specific team)

I really liked the idea behind your philosophy of daring to be different and your approach to innovation (include specific detail discussed during the interview). I believe in creative thinking and it is rare to find organisations that are open to employees sharing ideas and implementing them.

Again, I appreciate the opportunity given to share my interest in the (position) with you. I believe my experience in (industry, skill or product) matches the role perfectly and hope to be given the opportunity to prove that. I thought I would share a few links of some of the projects which we spoke about about during our conversation (insert hyperlinks or attachments).

Thank you and looking forward to be in touch soon!

Best regards,

Second step – a later follow up

Waiting for a response after an interview can seem like forever, especially when you know there’s a high possibility in nailing the role. You may feel a week after an interview is too long and you should be expecting an answer, however it may not be the same for an employer. Employers may take up to a week in just interviewing. The decision-making process after that may even take up to another week as sometimes getting the decision makers together takes a while.

So, when is appropriate? 10 days after an interview is reasonable to follow up with a short email restating your interest and asking if you could assist with any other information.

The other option would be to ask your interviewer during your interview about when would be best to follow up. That way, you will know when exactly you could write a follow up email.

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