Why Are Company Inductions So Important


Most of our students juggle many conflicting priorities, often including part time work, university classes, IELTS training and family commitments. So when it’s time to undertake their Work Integrated Learning placements, it sometimes means that they can feel overwhelmed – a feeling which can overflow into a new office environment.

Contributing to a feeling of having conflicting priorities is a fear of the unknown. Most of our students when embarking on their placements, have never had the opportunity to be a part of an Australian professional workplace before.

There is a great deal of uncertainty on what to expect and how they should behave. The best way to alleviate some of these feelings of uncertainty and overload is for the host company to provide an induction.

An induction program is the process by which new team members, including students, learn about and become part of the organisation. It provides necessary information to assist newcomers to feel welcome and adjust to the work environment as quickly as possible. This is especially important for our students because their placements are only 12 weeks, so it’s important for them to adjust quickly and feel comfortable.

During an induction, new team members learn the philosophies, values and culture of the organisation. Being made aware right from the start of a strong and positive culture can increase morale and teamwork. Our students will feel comfortable being given clear instructions in what behaviours are expected and will therefore be less likely to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Another key benefit of team members being properly inducted into a new workplace is accurate information being received in terms of who is responsible for what within the organisation. Having this knowledge is particularly important for newcomers because they may not be aware of the structure of the organisation and they will often be asking lots of questions! Giving students this information will also help them feel welcome to ask questions, thus enhancing their learning while in their placements.

12 weeks is a short span of time to gather and learn as much as one can about the Australian professional workplace! So for our students, being exposed to an induction process will accelerate their learning by alleviating stress associated with understanding a new environment and its cultural and behavioural norms. An induction is the gift of organisational knowledge and allows students confidence to ask questions and feel welcomed right from the start!

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