Why are remote interns a viable and cost effective solution?

BY Julian Te |

Why are remote interns a viable and cost effective solution?

Remote internships deliver the same value as traditional face-to-face programs. While interns complete their tasks for your business, they’ll be doing so from the safety of their own homes using digital platforms to communicate and accessing systems and software remotely. In addition to the obvious factor that remote internships allow your business and your interns to practise safe social distancing, engaging interns also offer a number of benefits that make them a viable and cost effective solution.

Accountability & Productivity 

Remote interns are accountable for handling their own schedules and finishing tasks within specific time frames. Your business will be responsible for proving interns with an action plan outlining weekly tasks and deadlines, regular communication touch points to ensure that your interns are on track, and access to a suite of tools to operate remotely including chat apps like Teams and Telegram, and video conferencing apps like Zoom and Skype.

Keep projects alive and kicking 

If your company is currently having to adapt the business model to cater for current market conditions, you may be finding that you are busier now than ever before. Those all-important projects, which a few weeks ago were seen as critical, are now being forgotten about. By engaging with remote interns you can assign them those projects that may have been temporarily placed on hold, meaning all that previous hard work wasn’t for nothing.

Don't let your talent pool dry up

While you may have a hiring freeze on at the moment you don’t want to end up with a shortage of talented interns that could help you in these difficult times. Engaging with interns has always been an excellent way to increase your talent pipeline, allowing you to discover, mould and secure high-potential candidates, and get fresh perspectives on your projects.

If you want learn more about the benefits on engaging interns, go to our dedicated page here to find out more.

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