Why an internship is worth the investment

BY Matthew Consolmagno |

Throughout our lives, we invest money in many things including clothing, food, transport, property and excellent coffee (hard to avoid if you are from Melbourne) – but do we invest enough in our career/professional development?

This question is especially poignant for current students and graduates who are seeking to compete with many of their peers for the lucrative ‘job’ following their graduation. However, one thing many students and graduates fail to ask themselves is what sets them apart from everyone else.

Why would a company choose you over the hundreds of other Accounting, Finance, IT, Marketing, HR and Engineering graduates?

While a university degree is an extremely important component of your professional career, it is only the first step towards securing a permanent role. One thing usually disregarded is professional, relevant local industry experience. At Readygrad, we work with over 6,400 across six disciplines who continuously mention that industry experience is a key factor of what they look for when deciding on who to hire as a permanent employee.

This experience, combined with an aptitude to learn and a positive attitude, makes for a very attractive prospective candidate. The most successful students are those who are open-minded and who seek to learn as much as possible from the industry professionals they meet and work with during their internship. This attitude does not go unnoticed, with many companies providing outstanding references for their students following their internship. So what do you need to do? Invest in an internship and approach the opportunity as a stepping-stone towards your professional career.

If you are currently undertaking a degree, or have completed a degree, and you are looking to secure some industry experience to set you apart from your peers then Readygrad is here to help! Through our Professional Internship Program, we can assist you with an industry placement, providing you with exposure to leading industry professionals across IT, Accounting, Finance, HR, Marketing and Engineering.

Whether a small start-up company, small/medium enterprise, large national or multinational company, you will be provided with an opportunity that will be well worth the investment. Another important piece of advice is to not rush the process of career development. Never forget, you can have everything you want in life, but just not all at once.

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