Why Taking Up An Internship is Worth It

BY Rachel Coleman |

There are many advantages to completing an internship or Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement. While for many the thought of interning for no monetary reward seems ridiculous, the benefits are more often than not, invaluable!

At Performance Education Group, our Internship Training Programs and Professional Year internships are formalised training opportunities. Through our programs, students can gain the important skills to transition successfully from study to work. Here are some of the benefits you will get from a WIL placement: 

Gain experience

For many graduates it can be difficult to get your foot in the door when it comes to kick starting your career. You’ve got all your university knowledge bubbling around in your brain, just waiting to be put to use, but many companies won’t even consider you for an interview simply because you have no experience. This can lead you to wonder how you are ever going to get started if every company requires experience but no company is willing to give it to you.

This is where a WIL placement can be the perfect bridge between university and the working world. A placement gives you the opportunity to get valuable industry experience so when it comes to future interviews and employment, you have practical examples of where and how you’ve put your knowledge to use.

Explore career paths

A WIL placement also gives you the chance to explore the different areas in your field of study. You may enter into a placement in a particular area you were sure you would love, only to discover during your placement that actually you would prefer to go in a different direction with your career. A WIL placement is a great opportunity to experience first-hand how different departments work and what suits you.


At a placement you will have the chance to meet lots of people who work in your industry. This is your chance to network and make contact with people doing exactly what you hope to do. 

Develop your communication skills

A placement is also an excellent opportunity for you to develop your professional communication skills. These are all communication skills, from speaking to colleagues and management, to writing a professional email, right down to the correct body language to display in different work situations.

Enhance your resume

A placement can definitely enhance your resume. Potential employers are always looking for examples of where you’ve put your university theory to use, so having work experience will make you stand out. It will also provide you with that all important reference on your resume. 
When potential employers see experience on your resume it shows them your passion and dedication to your career goals, and that you are willing to do what it takes to get your career started.

While the thought of a placement, unpaid or paid, may seem undesirable and daunting, the potential benefits to be gained from an experience like this definitely make it a worthwhile experience.
Considering a Work Integrated Learning placement? Performance Careers can help. We place students in the right internship for their individual training needs and career goals, in one of our 1,500 host companies. Find out more about our Internship Training Program today.

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