Why you really ought to take a chance on a graduate

BY Nathan Hollis |

Being proactive with career development is critical for graduates to kick start their journey. But they can't do it alone. After all, we have all been at the starting line waiting for the starter's gun to go off. 

Therefore, where to begin? Where is all the talent? We need to be open with our engagement, open to possibilities, open to being wrong and open to the idea that taking a chance may be the best decision you will make. 

Where do they start?

Our early career development begins in many ways for graduates; constant networking, updating CV's, hours upon hours trawling over job adverts, phone interviews and some restless nights thinking about the stress of finding that all important first role. 

Readygrad Employability programs are a wonderful way to assist graduates to lift their employability skills through a series of workshops targeted to highlighting individual attributes and develop confidence and self-belief. They are ready to take the next step on their journey in the business world. Each program provides students a 12-week Internship opportunity within a targeted business, which suits their education pathway. This allows students to gain an insight into a variety of roles, tasks and work environments in which they can take the first step on their career journey.  

What's in it for you?

Why wouldn't you wish to see the latest graduate talent, a new set of eyes, find a potential long-standing employee, or have the opportunity to mould a fellow professional and begin to build the foundations of a premier employee? Whilst it's true that there will be plenty of time invested during Learning and Development - would it not be the same with a "skilled" employee?

For most new employees, employers would provide a minimum 3-6 months to "get up to speed" and "know the processes". At the end of an internship, you could have not only an experienced candidate, but one who now knows your business, objectives and industry intimately. 

They say technical ability is at times less important than confidence, attitude, drive and initative - characteristics we often see in fresh talent. Their hunger to jump at any opportunity, grab it with both hands, and perform at an optimum level can sometimes be seen as both a blessing and a hindrance. If we instead embrace the energy coming through the doors, work with them not against them and ensure they are valued, in turn they will be valuable. When there is energy in a room you feel it and embrace the positivity. That can lead to a more efficient, innovative environment where that positivity then drives productivity. 

Through our individual career journey, we have many stops along the way as we climb the corporate rungs, however what we will always remember is where we started, who took a chance on us and how they affected the path you walked. 

Readygrad work with graduate students across IT, Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Business, Marketing, Human Resources and Supply chain and Logistics. If you would like to know more about our Student and Internship Pathways, please contact our team. 

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