Working For Large Companies


It is very common for recent graduates to say, “I only want to work for a large company when I start my career.”


There is a misconception that graduates think BIGGER is better. Although there are many benefits of working for a large company, there are some great reasons to consider smaller companies too. After speaking with many of our students who had done their internships through our smaller host companies, we consistently heard these benefits:



  • Provides exposure to different areas of the business to help you determine where to start your career
  • Allows you to be creative and have an influence in decision making
  • You can grow with the company
  • Learn new skills in multiple roles rather than focusing on one specific area
  • Trial various positions/responsibilities to see what you like best and pursue a career in that area
  • Work closely with the decision makers of the company
  • Attend client meetings


So if anyone ever tells you to only work for a large company, please have an open mind and consider some of these benefits.

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