You’ve Been Asked to Attend to Interview – What’s Next?

BY Antonia Laughton |

As a job seeker, once you start looking for a new role and begin submitting your resume to job opportunities and recruiters, you need to be prepared to attend an interview whether it be the next day or in a week’s time. Some job roles need to be filled quickly, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you are contacted and asked to interview the next morning. 

But what is the best way to handle being asked for an interview? Here are some tips on how to prepare for an interview.

Firstly, once you have submitted your resume to job opportunities, keep track of what you have applied for to avoid not being prepared when you are contacted. Some key details such as the name of the company and hiring manager are helpful to write down. Therefore, from the first moment of contact with a potential employer, you seem prepared and aware of the job role that’s available.

Secondly, make sure you are always near your phone and able to check your emails frequently. You could be called directly or sent an email about attending an interview. The sooner you respond and book in a time to interview, the better the chances are for you. The hiring manager won’t be chasing you to book in. It’s your responsibility to confirm an interview time in one of the available slots offered. Often, manager’s diaries will be busy and only have a few available slots to interview, so being flexible to fit in is a must. Another tip is making sure you have a set a professional voicemail on your phone if you are unable to answer, as this will give the employer a good first impression of you.

Thirdly, now you have confirmed a time and date to interview, it’s important to relook over the job description to help prepare for your interview. Researching the company, the role and the person interviewing you, means you will be prepared when you arrive at the interview. Whether the interview was planned weeks ahead or the night before, it is likely that all people interviewing for the role will be asked similar questions. Prepare as much as you can, even if you have a short amount of notice.

Finally, make sure you have looked up the location of the interview and how long it will take you to travel there. It’s so important to plan your travel route in advance and leave plenty of time to get there. Buses can be delayed, trains can be cancelled so make sure you know the route you are taking and make time for potential delays. Being punctual and on time sets a great first impression. You will feel a lot more relaxed going in for an interview if you are on time. An employer is more likely to remember if you are late, rather than early.

At a time where roles need to be filed quickly, impromptu interviews are becoming more common, so it’s important to be aware of this and prepared. Following these tips will help you in preparing and being professional even before the interview has started.

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