Find a Job You Hate!

Posted in Job Seeking,
08 Oct 2017
, by Marie Robert

It is okay to end up with a job that isn’t your passion because true happiness does not lie in the job that you do, but in your outlook on life. Greatness lies outside of your comfort zone so you will need to go and fish for it. Remember, if you aren’t happy there are always other options. 

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These days, many companies are using video conferencing to interview candidates. This modern method of recruitment saves the company time, effort, and money. Although these interviews are often slightly shorter, you will need to display the same level of professionalism. Here are some helpful tips to prepare for a Skype or video interview.

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At Performance Education Group, our team works together closely to run our programs which help graduates develop their employability. One of the things we specialise in are work integrated learning placements and out all our team members, two teams are fully dedicated to finding you a placement. Find out more about the teams at ReadyGrad.

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