Want to know what it’s like to host a Readygrad intern and why our industry partners love working with us? Discover some of our host company stories below:

Organisational Development Manager

Its an excellent opportunity to truly diversify your talent pool and graduate recruitment options. The timeframe of 12 weeks is ideal as it allows a lengthy durations for the organisational requirements, such as a project task/milestone whilst allowing the graduate the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and integrate culturally to the team and organisation. The process is simple, efficient and seamless. Coralie and the team are willing to support the idiosyncrasies of your organisation, whilst managing the varying requests and responses received.

HCF Australia
Head of Internal Audit

Hosting an intern has genuinely benefited our team and provided an opportunity for enthusiastic and hardworking younger staff to share their ideas and offer a fresh set of eyes to existing processes and thinking. In return, we’re able to provide experience, support, and career advice from those of us who’ve been around the ball park a few times. A lot of the time, it isn’t the technical experience that grads lack, it’s the people experience. To encourage them and give them the confidence to be themselves is one of the hardest things to convince grads to do. As a manager, you can make a real difference to someone else’s life just by helping them on their journey and being there to answer any questions they have. See the full testimonial here. 

Cardinal Spin Pty Ltd
Office Manager

We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Readygrad and are excited to see what students come on board in 2018! Readygrad are professional and efficient, they tirelessly strive to provide the best experience for students and host companies. The candidates put forward for placements with us have been on point and always a huge success. The interns provide fresh ideas into our campaign executive, and it has been enjoyable teaching them about the PR industry and seeing them grow in confidence. Currently, we have three full-time staff members in the CS team who were previously interns with our company.