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I would like to recommend a placement to my friends because it is a great platform to get hands-on experience with different kind of skills.

Shweta, IT graduate

My mentor motivated me every time to learn project, he handed me tasks to do in the start and then allowed me to work individually so I could handle tasks with confidence. It was the best thing and helped me to learn more about their systems.

Sara Reham, IT Readygrad Intern 

The internship program built my confidence to work in a professional environment and gave me an opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills.

Chaitaliben, IT graduate

I am so glad and pleased to have approached Readygrad, now that Readygrad will be marked as the first "catalyst" of my career path.

Shweta, IT graduate

I have learned technical skills like server configuration, windows setup, network setup and generic skills like customer service, communication skills and teamwork.

Shweta, IT Graduate

WIL Placement (Internship) Program

Professional Internship Program

Get closer to your dream job and get 'The Edge' with Readygrad's Professional Internship Program.

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Get The Edge with a Readygrad internship and kick some serious career goals.